Granny again…

My grandson Leo is working out his interpretations and explanations about life.  This has become obvious as we interact in #connected #conversation.

He is still at the point of wanting his way, especially when building his Lego characters.  He let me build my ‘worm’ last week…ha, ha!

#Interpretations and perceptions

The objective of #analyzing interpretations and perceptions is in knowing how to explain what is happening within your emotions and thoughts and how and why they become disorientated and #stressed.

You cannot walk around with questionable interpretations…you will put pressure on your equilibrium and perceptions.

These originate in the inner voice and thoughts

Continuously check your inner voice and thoughts to detect interpretations and personal #explanations that are ending as trapped debris in your inner voice and thoughts.

Identify and record the difference between why you need to let go of wrong interpretations and why you need to form new ones.

Recognize if your old interpretations have developed into harmful #habits.

Do you know how to drop harmful habits?

Identify them for what they are and the damage they will cause.

Renew old habits by focusing on what views and insights and # behaviors will bring you value, #meaning and peace.

Drop unpredictable behaviors and you can form new habits.

Acknowledge any causes and reasons that are triggering ineffective interpretations.