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Confident Teens, Calm Parents

This book, the first in the series, “A Fresh Approach to Parenting” deals with a concept of two ways of life, namely the ‘Productive Way of Life’ and the ‘Problematic Way of Life’.

Your teenagers have limited experience of life. To gain information about life, they need your influence, input, encouragement, and the personal contribution which only you, their parents can give them.

You, the parents already have a degree of knowledge and experience. By using your expertise, together with the additional ideas, concepts, and information contained in this book, parenthood can be fun.

The ultimate role of parents is to equip and prepare their children to become well-balanced, enthusiastic, controlled, and sensible adults.

Your children and teenagers need to be directed and guided by you, before a crisis or unpleasant challenge arises. The tools and skills in this book will help you to achieve this. Children who know how to control and manage their emotions, thoughts, and beliefs will be better able to evaluate and analyse their choices and actions.

Inspired Teens

This book will offer you a number of processes whereby you will find answers to your questions and those of your children and teenagers.

You will discover ways to open discussions and start talking to each other and avoid shouting at each other. This book will make it easier for you, the parents to better understand your children’s and teenagers’ emotions, thoughts, beliefs and questionable expectations and assumptions.

Have you ever thought that a series of books could be an additional investment in your children’s and teenagers’ future? Could some books really change your family’s life around? But you have read so many books on parenting!

Which book should you read, with thousands all waiting to grab your attention and declaring: ‘buy me’?

Imagine walking on the sea-shore where tiny little turtles are trying to waddle into the safety of the ocean. You see the birds swooping down and grabbing them. Which one would you choose to save, and place safely in the ocean?

You have two choices. Leave my book, and lose the opportunity to discover this fresh approach to parenting or buy it and bring new inspiration to your family. I am sincerely enjoying writing this series. Please join me, by reading this book and investigating these self-motivating and thought-provoking concepts, facts and solutions.

How to Manage Choices and Actions

Who is the CEO or boss of your life?


  • You are the CEO or boss of your life, even if you don’t want this position.
  • How did you get this position? By being born!
  • You cannot get fired because no one else is going to take this position. It is exclusively your position.
  • What is happening in your life right now? As the CEO you should have a pretty good idea.
  • As the CEO of your life, you are directly responsible for making choices and taking actions.

In this book you will find resources which will lead you to a productive and practical life.


  • What are you doing to make your life successful?
  • Are you planning to find your abilities and talents?
  • Are you looking for a fresh approach and response regarding how to run your life?
  • Is your life stale, boring and uninteresting?
  • What are you doing to give your life a boost of energy, excitement and pure fun?
  • Is your life perhaps becoming an effort to enjoy?
  • Are you living in the shadow of possibilities?
  • Who or what is preventing you from reaching your potential and purpose?


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About Sheila du Plessis

Sheila du Plessis is happy to say that through writing her series of books, ‘A Fresh Approach to Parenting’, she has discovered her potential and purpose in life.  She is adamant that parents are the best source of influence for their children and teenagers.

Sheila is an established author, having sold over 42,000 books in a series of three books with the title: “Journey to a New Beginning”.  These books were sold to schools in South Africa and Namibia.

Sheila was born in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Her parents moved to Port Elizabeth where she attended school and qualified as a Medical Technologist.  She lives in Pretoria, close-by to her eldest son Warren, daughter-in-law Helen, and her pride and joy, little Leo lad her grandson.  She has gained considerable insights, thoughts, and concepts from her youngest son, Malcolm.  Her husband, Philippe has been her constant inspiration to carry on through thick and thin.

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