People will do all sorts of things to feel happy and good about life. How much money is spent on diets, exercise equipment, detoxing programs, medication and doctors’ bills to keep people in a good place?

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What is needed is a balanced lifestyle involving physical exercise, good food (anti-oxidants), enough sleep, and mental exercises through relaxing, reading, playing games, solving puzzles, and thinking meaningfully.

Let us look at the analogy of comparing physical muscles to emotional ‘muscles’.

We notice when physical muscles get out of shape.

We do not notice when emotional muscles become flabby and unused.

Emotional ‘muscles’ are ignored when all of the above are replaced by harmful foods and substances, over-tiredness, a victim mentality, lazy mental responses, and a lack of rational thoughts.

In the last number of years, I have been focusing on how people can start improving their emotional ‘muscles’. These are the foundations of thought ‘muscles’.
Thoughts in Action
– How can we ‘exercise’ our emotional muscles?

– What are the results of flabby and unpredictable emotional muscles?

– Are flabby emotional muscles one of the causes of emotional pain?