Parenthood is equipping your children/teenagers over a number of years to become independent.
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After all, do not parents want some freedom again…

Once a parent always a parent!

Prepare your children/teenagers to know what will be expected of them as adults. It is too late to equip and train adult children who are stuck in their undesirable habits.

·        To become financially independent they need to know how to use money effectively, without going into debt.
·        They need to have a reliable self-image and know the dynamics which create happy and fulfilled relationships.
·        They need to plan their own sensible boundaries and keep to these.
·        They need to appreciate they cannot depend on their parents to make their choices for them, this is an ability they must learn.
·        They need to accept responsibility for consequences that stem from unpredictable actions caused by challenges or problems.
·        They need to have had experience in developing suitable solutions for various challenges.

They need to understand that if they slip up, it is up to them to sort out their mistakes and not expect parents to “bail them out” of trouble.

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Inspired Teens is a shortened version of Confident Teens – Calm Parents.