Parents, please remember to be specific and clear about what you want your children/teenagers to remember in their future.

It will be easier to influence children/teenagers in the way they should go than to try and change set-ways in adult children.

Children/teenagers are vulnerable. As they grow towards adulthood, they need effective and efficient information, concepts and data in their minds.

Parents need to appreciate that they have a remarkable influence over their children/teenagers. As children/teenagers are growing up they need to know the right information and facts so they can keep ahead of the competition out there.

Parents when you start having open and honest discussions with them you will be able to hear what they have to say. Listen to their suggestions and opinions without criticism. The best way to ‘listen in’ to their thoughts is by hearing the words they use in discussions.

Know their thoughts and you have a better idea of where they are in their interpretation of right and wrong behaviours..