‘Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.’ James Baker

An important winning choice to make in personal preparation is to discover how to renew and establish your own productive inner voice and thoughts.

‘Light Tomorrow With Today!’  Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

No remains of ‘debris’ from impractical thoughts, unsuitable approaches and choices or impulsive responses and actions should be allowed to float around or sink to the bottom of your inner voice and thoughts for even one day.

Each new day should be planned before it starts. Today, what we allow to settle in our inner voice and thoughts, especially overnight will affect our winning choices tomorrow.

Why is it so essential to start preparing each day with a renewed inner voice and thoughts?

How do individuals function satisfactorily with ‘debris’ blocking the flow of their inner voice and thoughts?

Some examples of ‘debris’ found in an inner voice and thoughts:
Doubt                           Uncertainty                     Disappointment
Indecision                    Stress                                 Despair
Unsettled and anxious emotions
Irrational and unreliable thoughts
Untruths that individuals say to people

It would prove difficult in preparing, processing and planning for the day ahead while any form of ‘debris’ is being stirred up in your inner voice and thoughts.

How many parents, educators and leaders appreciate how vital it is for them to be prepared for unexpected eventualities?

The obvious outcomes of unpreparedness will develop undependable emotions and unsound beliefs and questionable behaviors in the people in their charge.

Just not getting preparedness right?
Refer to ‘Inner Voice – Winning Choice’
ISBN:  978 1990 932120