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When I ran my courses for young people I used many analogies so that they could find it easy to visualise situations and setbacks.

From then on I assisted them to think for themselves, using analogies and finding solutions about how they would fix a situation in an analogy.

This post is describing the ‘thought-jam’ and comparing it to a real ‘traffic-jam’.  No one likes getting stuck in a ‘traffic-jam’.

To get out of a ‘thought-jam’ the person has to realise they have packed their thoughts with contaminated and unnecessary thoughts.

The first step to start working one’s way out of a ‘thought-jam’ is to realise that one is stuck.  You can do nothing to assist yourself if you don’t acknowledge your unpleasant situation.

The next step is to analyse one’s emotions and work out why one’s emotions are muddled and unsensible.

I do have further steps or what I call quests through which the individual can work to reach success.