I am sure some people are tired of hearing: ‘Don’t quit’!  At the point of wanting to quit, your emotional state will be the cause for you to want to quit.

Before trying to restore what went wrong and what kicked your butt, you need to deal with the state of your emotions, first.  If you try doing something with messed up emotions, especially if it went wrong…THE RESULT!!!!!

The secret to being persistent and getting it right; lies in being allowed to be upset with the difficulty but not stay there.

Analyse your emotions and acknowledge them and then choose to sort them out. Persistence starts with you working through your upset emotions and settling down to find better solutions.

We all need to return to the position of what I call Emotional Independence as quickly as possible or our emotions will choose our actions for us. If we remain in a state of Emotional Dependence we are likely to get more upset and really make a mess of it.

Take off a short time to do something else and then return to the situation with a new and restored approach and response.