Thinking as a personal language
‘The limits of my language are the limits of my world.’
Ludwig Wittgenstein

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Required and sort after productive power begins within individuals’ inner voices and thoughts. What goes on in here is going to differentiate between success and mediocrity.

Personal language comes from personal discussions that you have within your inner voice and thoughts. This information and data are in turn programmed into your ‘thought language’.

It is not the same as languages communicated in different countries.

Everything that goes on around you and all the information and knowledge you come across is probably discussed by you within your personal discussions. It has to be stored somewhere!

Every interpretation or perception is processed from your inner voice and thoughts into your thought language.

Thinking is a language. (Please consider this statement!)

If someone cannot speak your home language, verbal communication is difficult.  The inner voice and thoughts cannot be filled with misconceptions and false evidence.

A thought language (mind) is where information is stored. From here, future choices and actions are evaluated and processed.

Using the term ‘thought language’ brings a whole new and simple approach to the attention of individuals.

o  The thought language needs to be authentic and void of unpleasant information.
o  Personal discussions are a foundation … these have to remain rational and creative and be kept genuine and factual.
o  You build your choices and actions from this foundation.
o  Unpleasant information stored in the thought language has to be ‘deleted’.
o  A thought language filled with irrational, unreliable, unreasonable, or dishonest information will give you a hard time.

I am hearing much about the increase in emotional pain and the devastation it is causing. I am forming a simple and easy-to-follow concept or ‘thought cycle’.

This is aimed at PREVENTING THE START OF EMOTIONAL INCIDENCES that very quickly hit emotional pain levels.