#watchyourthoughts    #stayincharge  #keeppower

When life goes a bit strange and we don’t know how to manage it, we may get anxious and think the worst.

NNOOO!  Here are seven advantages for thinking creatively.

  1. Thinking reliably assists you to take part in the best decisions.  What decisions should you be following?
  2. Thinking ahead allows you to process different objectives and arrive at the best ones.
  3. Thinking rationally gives you the edge over motivations and resilience.
  4. Thinking creatively allows you to move on and not get stuck.
  5. Thinking about answers keeps you resourceful and practical and innovative.
  6. Thinking constructively will wash away weaknesses.
  7. Thinking logically helps you to see around corners!!

Would you trust my thoughts?  I have to be awake because I cannot allow my thoughts to waver…I have a small irregular heartbeat.

WHAT IF!!  has been thrown away in my agenda.