More depends on family discussions than the parents can ever realise!

Children/teenagers learn by observation and experience. If they have no family discussions they will be lacking in this beneficial ability.

Parents can share their values and standards during discussions and listen to the children/teenagers’ responses and beliefs. Building values and standards doesn’t come naturally. They are unlikely to tell you their values and standards in a normal conversation.

Parents need to know what their children/teenagers are thinking, chatting about to their friends and what choices and actions they may take in the next couple of years.

The children/teenagers need to know the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviours to avoid falling into traps or developing damaging consequences.

If parents don’t talk, the children/teenagers will not hear or know. They cannot read the minds’ of their parents or smell their thoughts.

Parents, write a short list of issues you should like to discuss in a discussion. If your c/t don’t agree with you, great, that means they are thinking. Ask them their opinions and then listen to them. Start off discussing easy and simple topics which I call ‘small issues’.

ALWAYS give them a reason WHY you are bringing something to their attention and why you are going to make certain unacceptable actions out-of-bounds to them.