The journey of life offers us ‘seasons’.  We have great times, we have times when we want to run away, we have times when we want to hibernate, and we have times when we have nothing to do.

Let me explain a bit about the Problematic Journey of Life.

It causes instability, insecurity, uncertainty and a risky existence.

It creates a lie that life will never improve.

It pushes illogical and unreliable thoughts into a person’s mind.

It promises struggles and setbacks that become accepted as normal.

OPPORTUNITIES, grab at them

Use the opportunities that come your way and use your extra time to analyze and use opportunities.

It would be sad to look back over this time in the years to come and realize you wasted this time because you felt unmotivated or bored.

What abilities and skills do you have?  Improve on these and grab at any reliable knowledge you can get.

Remember, your journey of life needs good emotions and structured thoughts.  Take this time to restore your emotions and thoughts.

I shall be discussing your emotions and how to sort them out.