Who can say their thoughts are more often than not acceptable?

Individuals’ unreasonable thoughts and unpredictable emotions generate a questionable vocabulary of unsuitable words and discussions of meaningless sentences, comments, statements and interpretations within the inner voice and thoughts.

The more often these disturbing and personal discussions are repeated with a questionable vocabulary, the more often individuals will program undesirable information, data, details and concepts into the thought language.

This information, etc. plays a huge role in deciding on emotional well-being. All emotions and thoughts are also stored in the thought patterns and in the thought language/

These very personal discussions produce either unpredictable and unwanted emotions and irrational thoughts or sensible emotions and productive thoughts.

Extracts from my new book.

Does this post sound different to you?  A new vocabulary?

What are thought patterns?  (Working on this concept)

What is the thought language?

This is explained in detail in ‘Inner Voice – Winning Choice’ from my Website    www.sheiladuplessis.com