You Are Not a Victim

– Think you are a victim to external factors, influences and people and you will not grow.

– A suitable way of regarding yourself as a survivor and a winner is to never compare yourself to another human being.

– Stop striving to be like someone this could be a form of stress.

– You cannot ever be someone, you cannot swap your DNA.

– Instead, evaluate your abilities, skills and talents and grow your knowledge through an enquiring mind, education and reading.

You cannot delay your journey of life by falling into the trap of an external factor that reminds you when an individual passed a nasty statement about you.

Some nasty statements create what I call thought viruses in your
internal dialogue. No one should dwell on the unnecessary provocations or opinions of people.

You do not have the time or energy to think about any nasty statements over and over again. It brings no value or worth trying to evaluate people’s statements.

Nasty statements from people are just that; NASTY. Let go and focus on your strengths.

This is a portion of my new work dealing with how individuals can identify their emotions and thoughts and how they can get back to managing their emotions and thoughts…