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Making the decision to either form or belong to a reliable, open and honest group is one of the most valuable and worthwhile actions you can take.

If you are in a group:

What are the chief topics that you discuss?

What “same-old-things” do you do every time you get together, do you want a “blood transfusion” of new ideas and concepts?

Do you feel you get some good input when you go home or are you left feeling anxious or doubtful?

Can you trust your friends when you want to talk about personal problems?

Does only one person dominate the group and tell everyone what you are going to do next time?

Are your opinions and suggestions heard and considered?

Young adults, to reach the stars and your potential it is easier if you have a trustworthy, fun-loving, uncomplicated, confident, contented and fresh approach and ideas from which to discuss.

Form a good group and in order to build each other up and allow each other to have free expression and no judgement or anxiety, you need to each buy my book and work through it together slowly through discussions and allowing your own thoughts to add to mine.

This book is available on eBook from Amazon.com   If you live in South Africa you can now order it directly from me for R 130,00 + postage at: sheiladup@telkomsa.net