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I believe the majority of young people benefited from the courses I presented.  Why?

It is truly humbling to imagine I had a good influence over many young people’s lives. Where are you all?

The courses were structured to answer their questions honestly and openly and give them the option of what choices they wanted to make in the future. The course was designed not to tell young people what to do with their lives.

The courses were structured to equip them to think critically for themselves. This prevented them from jumping into making impulsive choices with uncertain consequences.

Here are a few comments:

  • She showed me a new road
  • Made me feel good about myself. I accept how I look
  • Feel more confident and will take a stand in making my own decisions.
  • It made me feel responsible and in charge of my life.                                                                                                                 
  • It empowered and enlightened me and got me to think properly. 
  • It allowed me to stand up for myself.   
  • Made me sort out my problem and learned about things I wanted to know about.
  • It helped a lot, as teenagers we need guidance. 
  • It changed my attitude towards things, now I am a better person.
  • It made me notice some mistakes that I did and now I know what to say and when to say it.

Over the years and through the evaluation sheets, there were about 5% of young people who didn’t benefit from the courses.

My books have now taken over from the courses and these first 3 are but the beginning.                                                              In fact, the present books have far more details, information, concepts and facts dealing with emotions, thoughts, beliefs, choices and actions than the courses had.