Accept that you are responsible for your game of life and take the necessary steps to win.

I use the analogy of one’s life as a ‘GAME OF LIFE’ in my book ‘Emotional Independence’ – The Design for Life.

This makes it easier to understand that though we had nothing to do with our conception and our DNA, we are totally responsible for playing either a winning game or a losing game.

The beliefs we have can make a huge difference in how we play our game of life.

Yes, I believe I CAN…

  • Gain more knowledge and information on how to coach my game of life…find the best set of available concepts.
  • Look and observe if I need to make suitable changes and then find out how to do this.
  • Categorize the information I have attained and have a section for unwanted information and then accept I can eliminate it.
  • Accept that living with denial is going to make me lose my game of life, I shall discover the facts and the truth.
  • Start learning the skills to become a polite and respectful person…I shall identify the areas in my personality that need attention.

if you feel you are ready to examine your game of life and you want to find practical ways to improve it, please go to:  and buy into new concepts and skills.