There are two kinds of hesitation

One that stops you from doing something because your emotions and thoughts give you an early warning signal to seriously think about making choices or taking actions that may cause unfortunate consequences.

The other form of hesitation comes from doubt and anxiety…what if it doesn’t work?

At times we need to take life-changing actions even if we feel scared. The most important fact is you can learn to work out the actions that are acceptable and unacceptable from my new books.

Answers require actions

Rational focus directs results

Restoration requires resilience

Effective recognition produces motivation

Expansion maintains opportunities

Explanations connect choices

Strategies have solutions

Preparation prioritizes confidence

Effective results pay the salaries

In 2021 there is no more place for the form of hesitation or procrastination that is built on doubt and anxiety. We don’t know what the future holds, however, we can start right now by optimizing our future through self-education.