The fruits of wrong choices and actions are regrets, guilt, disappointments and doubt.

They who choose to carry the bad fruits of regrets and guilt, etc. around with them are not going to find the path to contentment, emotional strength and successful actions.

The ultimate choice is to choose the best choice!

  • Good choices bring fewer problems.
  • Sensible choices keep the children/teenagers safe and secure.
  • Dangerous choices change the outlook of children/teenagers.
  • Risky choices may seem difficult to make at first, but then they become second-nature and this is dangerous.
  • Confused and impulsive choices lead to unwanted consequences.
  • Doubtful choices which lead to no consequences will become acceptable.
  • Indecisive choices bring no worthwhile achievements.
  • Unnoticed or disregarded choices which don’t result in consequences are likely to turn into easy and unpredictable habits.


For your children/teenagers to make excellent choices, they need to be emotionally secure, balanced and contented.

  • Their thoughts need to become reliable and rational.
  • They need to learn to know how to think constructively and sensibly before each choice is made.
  • They need to appreciate they will need your help at first in making good choices.


Explain that you will be giving them some easy choices to make with which to begin the process of learning to make good choices.

As they become capable of making easy choices, you can allow them to consider more difficult choices.


Explain that you don’t want to throw them into having to make difficult choices which may upset and stress them.

There are enough problems in life already without adding to them.


  • What are the most important choices you have to make right now?
  • What is your biggest problem facing you right now?
  • Was the problem caused by a pointless choice?
  • Is this affecting your emotions and thoughts in a problematic way?
  • How have you handled such problems in the past?


Uncontrolled and unsuitable emotions = irrational thoughts = mistaken beliefs = impulsive choices = problematic actions.


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The solutions you use with adults are unlikely to be helpful to children/teenagers. It is a whole new learning experience when working with your children/teenagers.

Parents need to:

  • Be warned not to stand down on established boundaries to keep the peace.
  • Your children/teenagers need to know what choices and actions are acceptable and unacceptable!
  • Never stop persevering because the time and effort will pay off when the children/teenagers become adults.
  • Avoid giving children/teenagers gifts “to cheer them up” especially if they have made a wrong choice.
  • Realise that a wrong choice and action will turn to unhappy emotions and thoughts.
  • Be aware that a child/teenager’s negative emotions could be affecting the emotions of other people, including you, the parents.