Emotional Independence :

The Design for Life

about the book

Welcome to the launch of your productive game of life in which you are going to prepare, plan and achieve your amazing game of life. This game of life is your one and only story 

Congratulations in investing in this book, ‘The Design for Life’ in which your life is going to be compared to a game. This book will supply you with ideas, concepts and information to experience fresh approaches and responses from your emotions, thoughts and beliefs. 

  • The content and style of this book has been designed by a lay person with lay people in mind.
  • It is easy to read and understand and use 24/7.
  • This is not an instruction book…it is a resource for your benefit.
  • You will be designing your own game of life because you cannot escape from your own company.
  • You will learn to stay emotionally secure and established and keep your thoughts reliable and rational.
  • You will be setting up your game of life and playing it with the means and requirements supplied in this book. 

Imagine that your thoughts and beliefs are actually your ‘players’ in this one and only game of life.  Are they in their right positions? 

You are the coach who will train them to play to their full potential?  You will make choices and take actions according to the position of your thoughts and beliefs at any one moment on the ‘field of play’.


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