We all come across different people daily.  Emotionally independent people need to consider being a friend to the emotionally dependent people where possible. You will be able to do this with the assistance of my two new books.

It is not your responsibility to change someone into an emotionally independent person. That is for professionals.  It is also an inner choice that each person has to make.

You can be a friend, however, keep watch that you are not being manipulated by them through your emotions. Each person is in charge of making their own changes into an emotionally independent person.

The emotionally independent people need to be careful not to allow others to play with their sensible and controlled emotions and drag them down to a lower level of emotional dependence. You should not feel sorry for anyone or imagine you can change them especially if they refuse to see they are in a difficult place.

Emotionally independent people need to observe when others create unhappy situations to gain attention. They want happy people to feel bad about being happy. They may not know they are becoming emotionally dependent and may need to be told this fact.

It is hurtful when an emotionally dependent person asks for assistance and then rejects the opinions and suggestions from an emotionally independent person.

Some emotionally dependent people only know this way of life.  It is advisable not to get into a serious relationship with someone like this until they seek help FROM SOMEONE ELSE.

Young adults have not had enough experience to assist someone who is emotionally dependent.  My books will give you examples of what signs to watch so you can stay aware.

It is not easy walking away, however, you cannot sacrifice your game of life.