No one can ‘drive’ safely during their journey of life if they are driving their emotions in the wrong ‘gear’.

The result of emotions that are driven in the wrong ‘gear’ is an exploding engine.

Once the engine of the transportation of your journey of life has exploded, what will happen?

A competent driver of a vehicle should know the basics of not only driving correctly and safely but also how to maintain the vehicle.

How often do you spend time running through the basics of maintaining your emotions to be alert, sensible, inspiring and helpful to you?

This should happen the first moment you wake up and definitely just before retiring to bed.

If you go to sleep with your emotions unsettled and stressed, you will start the day in the wrong emotional ‘gear’.

What will happen in situations where you go?   How will you respond to people?

They will probably respond back to you in an impolite manner if that is how you treat them.

Now think what will that do to the ‘gearbox’ of your emotions?

ONLY YOU can make applicable changes to unsettled emotions.