Inner Voice Winning Choice:
Manage Your Thoughts With Confidence

about the book

This particular new book, ‘Inner Voice – Winning Choice’ will give you the opportunity in personally developing and equipping your journey of life. This is your role to select the most suitable direction. 

I am a lay person and prefer books that are quick to read and that produce the ‘how to’ solutions. I have lay people in mind who want to launch themselves into dynamic approaches and directions. Who is identifying the difficulties and obstacles in their everyday life? 

You are the one and only person, in a world of over 7 billion who can prepare for and provide the necessary resources and directions for the most important journey of your life. 

  • What winning choices and beneficial actions are you taking right now?
  • Do you want to make this journey of life, memorable and the greatest story in which you will ever participate?
  • Who wants to be trapped in difficulties, setbacks, disputes and unexpected problems?
  • What do you do if someone tells you to ‘think positively’?
  • No one should choose to wander around aimlessly from one crisis to the next and never finding the right solutions. 

You are going to study your thought-language as you work through this book and complete the ‘Thoughts in Action’.  Your thought-language is your personal language that you use when communicating to yourself and where you develop your insights and your principles.  There is no place for a contaminated thought-language and the book will assist you to avoid this.

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