Eleven signs to check the condition of your children/teenagers’ emotions and thoughts.

People who are physically fit can participate in a great number of exercises, sports and physical activities with ease.

One day whilst working out on the treadmill at the gym, I wondered how many of the people who took physically training very seriously knew how to train their “emotional and thought muscles”.

Questions to consider

  • What is the usual state of your children/teenagers’ emotions, thoughts and beliefs?
  • Are you looking for helpful and valuable insights for a contented family who make informed choices and take responsible actions?
  • What would it mean to you if you knew you could follow a simple process BEFORE challenges arise in your family?
  • How safe are your children/teenagers when they are away from you and the home?

How do you determine if your children/teenagers are emotionally unfit?

  • They lack the ability to concentrate and become motivated.
  • They don’t want to organise their lives.
  • They are permanently tired because of bad sleep patterns.
  • They seem to live in a state of anxiety and despondency and may refuse to discuss their state.
  • They have a tendency to become dependent on addictive substances and behaviours.
  • To cope, they try and take control of others to prevent criticism.
  • They are likely to over-react and give up too quickly.
  • They imagine and assume no one else cares about them.
  • They look for someone else to blame for their impulsive actions.
  • They probably complain and groan about everything.
  • They express their emotions by saying: “Nothing is going to work” or “I shall never be able to do anything right”.

Parents are the best influence to inspire, prepare and equip their children/teenagers to become successful adults.

What is the “emotional and thought gym”?

This “gym” introduces a fresh approach for parents to find additional information and knowledge on parenting to what they already have.

The concept of the “gym” was developed to make it easier for parents to observe the well-being of their children/teenagers’ flabby “emotional and thought muscles”.

Where do you get your membership to join this gym?

Membership to this “gym” is attained by reading the blogs and buying the books which are advertised on this website.

For a few dollars you can download one of my books from Amazon.com  If you live in Southern Africa, I can post books to you.  Please send me an email address by filling in your details on the website and I shall get back to you.

Exercising at this “gym” doesn’t stop there. Parents need to have open discussions with the family, so each member understands and can make use of the appropriate and suitable ideas, concepts and information.

What benefits is this “gym” going to bring to you and your family?

You can answer this question when you have read my books. I cannot answer this question in this short blog. I believe you are going to find endless benefits and advantages from my books.

Your children/teenagers have very little experience of life. You will be pleasantly surprised at the fresh ideas and skills you will find with which to equip your children/teenagers.

I should appreciate it if you could share my blogs with other people. Please feel free to send me your comments.

Act today to prevent problems happening next week, next month or next year. Unsolved problems cause your children/teenagers to become emotionally annoyed and confused. This will prevent them finding their potential and purpose.