When you know your strengths and focus on these you are heading into Emotional Independence.

Too often people in Emotional Dependence may struggle to carry out some acts or tasks because their thoughts may be irrationally affected by unwanted emotions.

Make sure you have reached a phase in Emotional Independence before making a speech, writing an examination or important report, presenting a paper especially to bosses, facing an interview, starting a relationship or facing any choice and action that will make a difference to you.

Having attained a position in Emotional Independence, stay alert and avoid people who are in Emotional Dependence pulling you down to their level.  Don’t belittle or look down on people who are struggling.  You don’t know why they are there.  Be a friend and introduce them to resources that can help them.  You cannot make changes for them, that is their choice.

Avoid becoming irritated or provoked by these people.  Be polite.  You don’t have to do what they want you to do, you have the CHOICE.

The best way to stay in Emotional Independence and move up the levels is to know how to deal with any unwanted emotions and thoughts.

This can be done.  The choice in restoring all unwanted emotions and thoughts is your choice.  No one else can do this for you and you cannot do this for anyone else…