How many educators and business leaders are parents?

No leader can ignore the important role that leadership starts at home as a parent.

Ignore your children/teenagers and they will become that tiresome individual at school or at work or at sport.

Children/teenagers supply their parents with a great ‘platform’ on which to prepare the best foundations for working with people.

Parents who prepare their children/teenagers to become balanced, confident, and self-sufficient are sending them out into the world as CHANGEMAKERS.

Leaders as parents today need to:

·        Take their role of parenting more seriously than ever before.

·        Not expect outside sources to play this role.

·        Discover how to influence and guide their children/teenagers.

·        Consider in today’s world it is difficult for young people to make good moral choices.

·        Learn to take every opportunity that presents itself in building a solid relationship with their children/teenagers.

·        Stay alert and be prepared for possible situations BEFORE a challenge arises or a wrong choice is made.

·        Give them opportunities to learn how to cope with losing.

·        Teach children/teenagers to experience life in safety.