Never make new year’s resolutions. If you don’t keep them you will be angry and disappointed with yourself.

Never make promises to yourself.  Promises cannot be made because they keep us in bondage, think about this.

Never imagine life will change if only you could ‘think positively’.  No one can ‘think positively’ until they have sorted out all the causes and triggers that infer with their meaningless thought-patterns.

Never imagine you have let yourself down if you make a mistake.  When I was in the Problematic Game of Life, I got so upset with myself if I made a mistake because other people had had wrong expectations of what I was meant to be.  (My husband accepted me just as I am.)

Never imagine you cannot make amazing changes in your game of life.  Go to and explore my website for assisting you to prepare and plan your winning game of life.  Is your worthwhile future for 2021 within your immediate reach?