Parents have a certain amount of knowledge and experience of life and rearing their children/teenagers. There is, however, no harm in using additional material to enhance what information they have attained.

  • Sometimes parents may feel indifferent about attaining additional resources because they may imagine a book will not address their particular challenges.
  • Distraction is another cause why parents don’t feel they need additional ideas and skills. They feel there are more “pressing” issues with which to deal.
  • Deception is a dangerous excuse because right now all may seem safe and secure.
  • Some parents may find it difficult to invest their money and time in a book because they question the experience and authority of the author’s abilities and expertise.

My books are not an instruction manual. The books are written in an easy format from which to follow and implement the ideas and concepts.

The necessary opportunity and action of equipping and having open discussions with children/teenagers may not present itself in the future.

Think about what you know and what additional information you can gain from my books.