Preparedness – one step ahead

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An important form of preparation is to understand that we need to prepare our approaches and responses for each new day.

This will encourage us to start projects as well as deal with setbacks or problems are that count.

Thoughts in Action
What results did you prepare and have attained this year in your game of life?

Are you disappointed that you never quite got what you desired or wanted?

What preparations are you making for 2022?
Would projects and assignments succeed when individuals are unprepared, upset, doubtful, deceived or disappointed?

Who can solve setbacks and difficulties when they are emotionally disturbed? Obviously, untrained thoughts will make it worse.

Everything balances on the implementation of meaningful preparation and the correct information that the individual has ‘stored’ in their thoughts.

The first emotional response straight AFTER a predicament or situation determines the outcomes and results.

Therefore it is imperative to remain emotionally strong, rational, and practical as parents, educators, and leaders.

The moment bad news or a problematic situation or the beginning of a struggle arises; the crucial point is what action to take next.

The action is easier to prepare and carry out if individuals are familiar with a well-designed process on how to remain emotionally steady.

The moment the unpredictable emotions click into play, the situation is lost.

Please refer to ‘Inner Voice – Winning Choice’ as an introduction.