Encouraging Sharing Today will Enhance Someone’s Tomorrow

Who is bursting to share the ideas and concepts they have received throughout their journey of life? Thanks to LinkedIn connections for doing just this.

An individual may imagine they are unwanted or unloved and cannot assist others.

They forget that the very idea, influence, thought or perception they are meant to share; restricts these ideas, etc. from progressing to others in need.

Love, belonging and connection start with the hope that maybe just maybe I can assist one person this year to breathe easier.

If I ignore my one simple and seemingly unimportant role of uplifting and influencing one person, I have let down the world.

I have caused that person to doubt their ability to connect and support someone else.

This becomes exponential. If I assist more than one person I have a bonus.

It is vital to share to assist individuals to sense the feeling of belonging and connection.

If I feel I am not good enough or clever enough to support one person, what do I become?

For every person whom I have ignored, I apologize. At that moment I was busy thinking of how I felt and what I thought was being more important to me.

My lack of connection to one person may add to their impression that they are unwanted.

To you, the reader, hug yourself…  Be happy who you are and if you are a supportive and compassionate person, I salute you.

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