It is not easy being a survivor in a world filled with the victim mentality.

Here are 10 traits which a victim may show

  • Feels insecure and unsafe.
  • Stays oblivious as to the cause of their unhappiness.
  • Lacks self-discipline.
  • Struggles with conflict situations.
  • Makes comparisons and then feels depressed.
  • Dwells in doubt, deception and ignorance.
  • Imagines everyone is out to get them.
  • Expects others to take responsibility for their lives.
  • Takes troublesome behaviours.
  • Lives with a sense of helplessness and disappointment.

Changing for a victim to a survivor


  • Understand they have to know how to take self-education seriously.
  • Use each day to do something productive.
  • Take control for themselves in their game of life.
  • Never give up and see problems as a way to think constructively.
  • Learn how to become effective in their relationships.
  • Grab each opportunity in making something great.
  • Analyse their choices preventing making unsuitable choices.
  • Are aware that their actions will present consequences, both good and bad.

How to become a survivor?

  • Make up your mind that you are going to become a survivor and take the necessary action like self-education to move ahead of the competition.
  • Check that your emotions and thoughts are balanced and logical because unsettled emotions and unrealistic thoughts pull you down.
  • Mix with people who add value and meaning to your life.
  • Avoid seeking acceptance and approval from others, you are wasting your time…approve YOU!
  • Write down your strengths and focus on and think about these and never your weaknesses.
  • Discover your talents and abilities and improve these in order to find your potential.

If you are a survivor, great! Now you can help others…