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Today will be at different times around the world.  For me, in South Africa, it is 16h30.

What difference have you made in your journey of life today?

What difference do you want to make today or if ‘today’ is nearly up, what planning for tomorrow, today, no matter what the time!

Here are s 6 concepts that you need to consider

Right now today no matter the time of day:

  1. I am going to think of what I am thinking about and if my thoughts are crazy, I am going to change them.
  2. I am going to develop realistic expectations about whatever is happening with my day, today.  Even if I am not allowed to go out I can still do small things like developing a new approach and response to what I cannot change.
  3. I am going to make a note of what I am able to change and start getting out of unproductive ruts and imagining I cannot make small changes and differences to my own journey of life and that of others.
  4. I am going to look out all the more for small opportunities and not imagine the small opportunities will waste my time.
  5. I CAN make a difference in my journey of life by focusing on what I do have and what I still can learn.
  6. I AM GOING TO START WITH SELF-EDUCATION if I am alone in lock-down and not waste my life by following a road filled with boredom and doing nothing important.