At the top of your list of desires should be the ability to remain emotionally controlled and safe.  Then you should desire all the knowledge you can absorb. Will you remember all this knowledge?  Unlikely, so make notes about what you learn and especially the thoughts you think.

Desires are born in your ‘thought-language’ and become choices and actions. An important desire you should carry around is that you will prevent yourself from making impulsive choices and taking unpredictable actions.

  1. Always think about what value you will get from certain choices and actions.
  2. Look at the motives why you want this choice and action.
  3. Check your emotions that they are settled before making the choice and action.
  4. Consider who else will be involved in your choice and action and question if you are bringing yourself and them value or detriment?
  5. If someone close to you made this choice and action, how would you feel?