You are the difference in your game of life.  To make it easier, I refer to life as a game of life or a journey of life.

You are the one and only coach in your game of life, you cannot fire yourself because you are not managing your thoughts.

You are the traveller in your journey of life, the one who will determine your safe passage using sensible and beneficial emotions.

The earlier you realise that the outcome of your journey or game is determined by your ability to reason and stay rational the quicker you will head in the right direction or arrive at the right field for your game.

This is your doing, no one else can carry you on your journey or play your game for you.

Your thoughts are your players and your emotions are the vehicle in which you will be travelling through your life.

Put on your seat-belt if you want to compare your life to a journey or grab your kit and ball if you want to compare your life as a game.

It is time to get serious about participating and equipping yourself.   WHAT’S NEXT?